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You can have your cake and eat it too

Eaten & Told is a platform to tell the stories of people and place through travel, tourism, food, and design. In my life, I have found that these are the key experiences that open your mind to other ways of living, doing and being.

Each episode of Eaten & Told exposes listeners to a different way of thinking and approach to action. These dispatches from around the world offer first hand insight into the stories that often go untold from those who are creating the products, experiences and sense of place that we have the tendency to gravitate towards. There are different approaches to opening a bakery, to designing an exhibition, and to bringing abstract concepts to life. Perhaps most importantly, there are different approaches to enjoying the everyday moments that make up our lives.

We all get trapped in our own way of thinking. I believe that exposure to these different ways of doing has the power to inspire and open minds - the same effect travel has on our mind and soul when we allow ourselves to live in the moment. Inspired knowing teaches you that there can be multiple paths to the same end result, allowing us to relate to and empathize with others.

Now, more than ever, we are collectively questioning the impact that our decisions have on the world. Travel habits and tourism as we know it cannot be sustained. It is by continuing to question, explore and understand our environments that we can both contribute to and learn from the creative forces shaping our cities and regions worldwide.

This understanding has the ability to improve our collective wellbeing. It is therefore through storytelling that these learnings and knowledge can reach the greatest number of people.  

Allow me to facilitate this exploration.