About Mel

I’ve lived in 6 countries on 3 continents and have visited over 35 countries. I have a M.Sc in Tourism Management, a joint degree taking place in Denmark, Slovenia and Spain. I have researched and analyzed the experience of place and have developed a spectrum of encounter through pioneering research connecting urban studies and tourism (why no one had really dug into this previously is still a shock to me). I ventured into the Pyrenees to learn about product development and cross border policy, studied the impact of tourism on a sailing trip through Croatia, and worked on tourism experience design in Denmark.

I have worked to rebrand a coastal tourist town on the Adriatic, written the culinary tourism strategy for the province of British Columbia and successfully produced a weeklong, award winning culinary adventure for 83 people and guest chefs across the Canadian Arctic from Vancouver, BC to St. John’s NL.  

I have met a lot of people and have visited many different environments. I love the thrill of the search and I hope these experiences shine a light on different ways of doing while offering a perspective that is different from your everyday.